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Scott Rigsby, and the Scott Rigsby Foundation, are working with sponsors that have the same drive and passion to change the world and "Do the Unthinkable" by inspiring physically challenged athletes and able bodied people to reach for their own personal goals.

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Corporate Sponsorships

Zoot Sports is 100% focused on providing you with the ultimate in performance apparel, wetzoots and accessories. We provide the highest level of performance, innovation, quality and fit without sacrificing design and aesthetics. The athlete that is the most comfortable, supported and ventilated will be the athlete that performs best, race day and everyday.

Atlanta Cycling
At Atlanta Cycling, we strive to provide customers with the best quality service at the time of the purchase and for years to come. To help further the value of the bike purchase, any bicycle purchased at Atlanta Cycling comes with unlimited lifetime free adjustments to the original owner. At 2 Atlanta Cycling locations, we keep a fully staffed repair shop with some of the most highly trained and certified mechanics in the southeast. Our mechanics include USA Cycling Race mechanics, Shimano Di2 and Dynasys certifications, and Trek University, UBI, and BBI gradautes.

In just a few short years since its inception in 2002, Freedom Innovations has become the leading U.S. high technology provider of premium prosthetic devices, a growing segment of the non-invasive orthopedic market. With thirteen issued patents and fourteen product lines sold in 39 countries, our branded carbon fiber foot products lead the industry in reputation and growth rate.

Training with power has changed the face of professional cycling and triathlon training dramatically in the last decade. SRM currently provides the most effective way to increase performance on the bike. SRM Training Systems have been the gold standard of power measurement for top professionals in cycling, triathlon, and the serious athlete for 20 years, providing athletes and coaches with information to develop, implement and monitor training programs, competition strategies and improve performance. The SRM Training System measures and displays real time power, cadence, speed, distance, time, heart rate, altitude, mechanical energy, training zones and temperature with reliability and accuracy that is unmatched in the cycling industry.

Scott Rigsby