The Scott Rigsby Foundation is dedicated to impacting the population we support at a personal level. Through Community Outreach, we are able to meet with people across the country who are adjusting to new life circumstances as they and their families work through the rehabilitation process toward improved health and wellness.
Founder, Scott Rigsby, leads this effort through ongoing visitation and counseling and personal mentorship while also advocating for foundation programs and events. 


Enable Warriors to travel and compete as individuals or teams in the annual Ironman 70.3 Augusta event. The SRF is the exclusive charity sponsor for the campaign,  which supports adaptive military athletes from across the country.

Sponsor programs to enable warrior counseling, life coaching and clinical assistance

Provide adaptive sports training camps and competitive military-based events for injured Warriors in support their personal goals


As we inspire and inform individuals with physical challenges around the world to live a healthy, active lifestyle, we also enable them to participate in athletic competitions.  Through athletics and outdoor programs, we seek to maximize the well-being of adults and children with physical challenges within their communities through the following:

Support for physically challenged athletes to compete in various adaptive events such as running, triathlon, skiing, handcycle/wheelchair races, CrossFit, Spartan Games, etc.



The Scott Rigsby Foundation, Inc. (SRF) is a Georgia nonprofit corporation that has received recognition of federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  SRF is dedicated to inspire, inform and enable individuals with disabilities to live a healthy, active lifestyle, and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Our primary goal is to promote the health and fitness of individuals with physical challenges by improving access to Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) care and resources, while supporting programs that advance prosthetic technology and empower individual lifestyle change. 
We desire to motivate individuals to set goals and cross their own personal finish lines.