Juan Garcia

I'm Chief Warrant Office 3 Juan Garcia. Still active with over 20 years of service. I started my career as a private in the infantry and now a Standardization Pilot at Fort Benning GA. for the 4th Ranger Training Battalion.

I've deployed 5 times and have been part of seeing the battlefield from many different views. From the ground in the infantry, cabin in the Blackhawk as a crew chief, and as an Assault and MEDEVAC pilot. No award has been greater than being able to save the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters.

Triathlon training and racing has provided me and outlet. It's been my medicine to help deal with PTSD. It's help me realize and appreciate how truly blessed I really am.

IRONMAN Augusta will give me another opportunity to fight and race along side my brothers and sisters and have one another again to share such an amazing accomplishment.